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The Xtra Diary: Horse skelton steps up as blue cock flies the fourth plinth

Published: 27 February, 2015

THE big blue cock in Trafalgar Square is no more. 

The Xtra Diary: Salt prints at Tate Britain bring flavour of the past

William Fox Talbot, Nelson’s Column Under Construction, Trafalgar Square, 1844. Photograph, salted paper print from a paper negative.

The Xtra Diary: ‘Owl café’ is no hoot for protesters

Published: 27 February, 2015

FIRST it was the cat café in Bethnal Green, then the cereal cafe in Shoreditch. 

Cycling campaigner brands Westminster Council’s attitude to road safety as ‘neanderthal’

Victim: Claire Hitier-Abadie. Below: The scene of the fatal collision in Victoria


Published: 27 February, 2015

Firefighters receive Chinese New Year blessing

Pictures: London Fire Brigade

Published: 27 February, 2015

Chinatown welcomes in the Year of the Sheep

The Chinese New Year parade came to the West End

Published: 27 February, 2015

‘Vive Candy!’ Paris workers show support for suspended union rep and striking National Gallery staff

Candy Udwin: ‘We do not believe privatisation is necessary.’ Below: Demonstrators marching to offices of Getty Images in Fitzrovia

Published: 27 February, 2015

Soho fire station blessed during Chinese New Year celebrations

Soho's firefighters alongside a Chinese lion dance team [Photo: London Fire Brigade]

Published: 24 February, 2015

A DANCING lion plucked a cabbage from the aerial ladder of a fire engine, as Soho's firefighters received a blessing at the Chinese New Year celebrations. 

Police appeal for witnesses of Victoria collision in which female cyclist died

Claire Hitier-Abadie died after a collision with a tipper truck last week

Published: 23 February, 2015

Detectives are calling for witnesses after a collision in which female cyclist Claire Hitier-Abadie, was killed. 

Clifton comes back from the edge as threatened pub becomes first in Westminster to get protection status

The Clifton Hotel dates back to the early 1800s

Published: 20 February, 2015

Footbridge set to link two hospitals

Published: 20 February, 2015

WESTMINSTER Council has approved the construction of a new footbridge between two medical facilities. 

The Xtra Diary: Ai Weiwei – Alcatraz to Piccadilly

Ai Weiwei. Picture: ©Gao Yuan


Published: 20 February, 2015

CELEBRATED artist Ai Weiwei, currently exhibiting on the notorious island of Alcatraz, is set to bring his work to Piccadilly.