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Green lead

Published: 10 June 2010

• READERS may be interested to know that the campaign for a London Living Wage is something the Greens have led the way on. 

Labour has had years to look at the options on housing

Published: 10 June, 2010

• SO we have confirmation that Labour’s popular promise to stop council homes sales had not been thought through. 

It’s about books

Published: 10 June 2010

• IT was with sadness I read (Letters, June 3) that Paula Rundell is to be moved from her current role at Heath Library.

1,000 days living in a prison – not knowing when the gates will open

Main Image : 
One of the flotilla boats

Published: 4 June 2010

ABOVE: One of the flotilla boats

End the phone-box blight

Published: 4 June 2010

• HAVE you noticed the numerous redundant phone boxes around, as in Tottenham Court Road and north Cleveland Street?